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Our passion is to create gourmet, All Natural frozen ready meals – blending the European expertise of our French chefs, with both classic and unique ingredients.
The secret’s in the sauce. All of our pre-cooked ingredients are enrobed in a house made sauce, specially applied to give you the exact right amount when cooked.
The result? Delicious and All Natural dishes to go along perfectly with any meal. What’s more - all our foods are ready in less than 10 minutes.
Based in France, our company has been creating All Natural frozen foods for over 30 years.
We take pride in, and care about our products, and we make it our goal to ensure taste and quality in every bite.

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Taste our line of all natural vegetables and grains.
Deliciously made with quality ingredients and culinary expertise to give you authentic texture and taste.

All Natural

When we say All Natural, we mean it.

We created FRIAL Natural Cuisine to give you the opportunity to experience simple yet innovative European recipes – naturally. We buy the best quality, freshest raw ingredients, which we enrobe with just the right amount of sauce. Our recipes are 100% Natural, made with non-GMO ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

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